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Vob: «As long as we are strong and principled, we are confident recognition will always be present»

The Indonesian band Voice of Baceprot (Vob), break the stereotype of the Asian underground scene with scrupulous sound, lyrics of social, educational, ecological significance and a message of equality for all people. The musicians fight to be inspired by music and to avoid clichés that often, thanks to the media, feed the image of religious women to show what really moves them, the music. (Bio here)

With a single (`School Revolution´Bumi Music 2018) and an edited Ep (Shoebox Sessions´ Shoemarker x Vob 2019) Firdda Kurnia, Widi Rahmawati and Euis Siti have crossed the international border and hope to publish their first feature soon. They have thousands of followers around the world and we look forward to seeing you soon in Europe. (Spanish text here)

Where did you learn to play the instruments?

We first knew and studied music while sitting in tsanawiah’s second-year Islamic high school. We became acquainted with metal music through our counselor, Abah Erza. At the time we were known as critical students and often rebelled against school rules. Abah Erza of that time used music and theater as media to convert our rebellion into useful work. That’s when we fell in love and seriously studied metal music with Abah Erza.


Was it easy to make yourself known in the country?

It was hard just to get a chance to hear it. We had to struggle to introduce our work through small music festivals in secret because our parents did not allow it at the time.

What do you feel when we start to meet you around the world?

Happy and proud indeed. This is one of our big dreams. Our work can be heard internationally.

What do you intend to transmit with your music?

The importance of preserving and caring for the earth is a friendly home for our continued peaceful existence. Gender equality and a recognition of the world of existence, a woman’s right to its life and future. In addition to the music, we wanted to speak out about our hatred of war and the subjugation of humanity.

What are your reference Indonesian women bands?

There are some, one of them named Dara Puspita.

You have an ep Shoe Box. Have you thought of recording an Lp?

Yeah, it’s one of our musical partnerships. Of course, it’s one of our ideals.

Shoebox Sessions

You have published an ep Shoebox Sessions under the Shoemarker x Vob label. What has been your participation in production and distribution?

The deal is done with transfaran and professionals. As musicians, our rights are fulfilled.

Have you encountered problems in your career due to being women?

The problems we’ve faced so far are a bad stigma and the traditional methods of patriarchy. But for our musical careers we feel fine. As long as we are strong and principled, we are confident opportunity and recognition will always be present.

Why are you wearing the hijab? Do you consider yourself feminists?


We have worn hijab since childhood. Because traditions and ideals in the community are religious. But we didn’t think it was a problem and it was a burden. We’re comfortable going, that’s the point.

Women who have an awareness of freedom of rights and authority concerning their future, are feminist. Of course we are women who have a clear conscience about that.


The Indonesian region of Java has conservative tendencies regarding religion. Why do you think people have problems to unite metal music and religion?

The metal’s mark as devil worshiper music is still strong and deeply rooted in the mind-set of most people. Furthermore, some religious viewpoints still see music as a taboo (rebuked) activity. The patriarchate perspective of banging women with civility also contributed to the rift between music and religion.

Have you thought about coming to Spain at any time?

Of course, Spanish has become one of our dream countries to direct our music and voice. Hopefully the pandemic of the corona virus will be over soon, and we’ll have the opportunity to visit Spain and play metal music there. It is also the hope that some will realize our dreams. Thank you.

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